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7 Best 123Movies Alternatives- 123Movies

Best 123Movies Alternatives- 123Movies. 123Movies- Platform for Stream & Download the Latest Movies & TV Series for Free.


123Movies- Platform for Stream & Download the Latest Movies & TV Series for Free. Check Best Alternative to 123movies Official Websites.

What is

What is

Hello, movies lover! This article focuses on websites that offer free movies & web series, similar to 123movies, 123movies 2023 & movies123. At last, I will also share 123Movies Alternatives. 

But before we dive into the list, let me provide you with some information about the popular website known as This particular site gained recognition as one of the finest and most highly regarded movie downloading platforms on the internet.

To compile a comprehensive list of reliable movie streaming websites that offer free access to movies and TV shows in high definition (HD) quality, I conducted extensive testing of over 100 platforms. These websites serve as excellent alternatives to 123movies and are fully functional in 2023.

What is 123movies?

123movies was once a highly popular streaming website worldwide. However, it is no longer operational and has been shut down. Following its closure, numerous 123movies proxy sites emerged but quickly vanished. Unfortunately, many of the newly created 123movies sites are plagued with excessive advertisements and disruptive pop-ups, significantly detracting from the overall streaming experience.

This particular website was widely recognized among movie enthusiasts as it boasted an extensive collection of movies and TV shows. However, on March 19th, it ceased to exist on the internet as it was shut down.

Features of 123Movies You Should Know About

If you haven't used 123Movies before, it's highly likely that you haven't explored the realm of watching movies for free online. This website has been in existence for several decades, offering a wide range of features that we would like to highlight for you:

  • No credit card required: Unlike many other platforms, 123Movies does not ask for credit card information to access its content.
  • No registration required: You can dive straight into watching movies without the need to create an account or go through a registration process.
  • Convenient search filters: The site provides handy filters to easily search for movies based on your preferences.
  • Abundance of streaming sources: You'll have access to a multitude of streaming sources, ensuring a broad selection of movies.
  • Genre and release date categorization: Finding movies becomes effortless as you can browse them by genre or release date.
  • A dedicated section for top-rated IMDb movies: 123Movies includes a specific section where you can discover and watch the highest-rated movies on IMDb.
  • Latest TV shows and movies: Stay up-to-date with the newest releases by streaming the latest TV shows and movies on the site for free.

These features contribute to the appeal and functionality of 123Movies, providing an enjoyable and accessible experience for movie enthusiasts.

123Movies Proxy Websites

As previously mentioned, several clone sites of 123movies have been banned in various countries. However, fortunately, there are still numerous alternative options available for you to choose from. In the event that none of these sites are accessible in your location, investing in a VPN becomes necessary. Below is a list of the current active 123Movies proxy websites that enable you to watch movies online for free:

  • - be
  • - info
  • - com
  • - domains
  • - com

These websites provide viable alternatives for accessing free movies online. It is important to note that their availability may vary based on your geographical location. Utilizing a VPN can help bypass any location restrictions and grant you access to these sites.

Is 123movies Safe for My Laptop/Phone or Tablet?

123movies has built a strong reputation as a reliable website for online movie streaming. However, it's important to be aware of the presence of numerous advertisements on the site. Clicking on these ads may redirect you to third-party websites, which can potentially contain harmful files like malware, adware, and viruses.

While 123movies itself is generally safe, it's crucial to exercise caution when dealing with these third-party websites. They can pose risks to your system's security, even with a reliable firewall in place. To ensure a secure experience while using 123movies, we highly recommend subscribing to FastestVPN. 

FastestVPN not only offers fast connection speeds but also includes built-in Malware Protection. By utilizing FastestVPN's Malware Protection feature, you can add an extra layer of security to your browsing activities and reduce the risks associated with accessing third-party websites through 123movies.

Is It Legal to Watch Free Movies Online on 123Movies?

In straightforward terms, watching free movies on 123movies is not legal. The reason is that this site hosts thousands of pirated TV shows and movies. Engaging in piracy or copyright infringement is a punishable offense and can lead to legal consequences. The closure of numerous 123movies alternatives is evidence of the serious approach towards copyright infringement globally. It is crucial to understand that these websites have been shut down for valid reasons.

Pay Attention before Accessing below Movie Sites

Most free movie streaming platforms are known to display advertisements and pop-ups, and unfortunately, a few of them even contain malicious code. In fact, while browsing these websites, you may encounter spam websites opening in new tabs without your consent. Furthermore, certain processes may run on your PC or laptop without your awareness.

It's crucial to note that these free movie sites pose significant risks and can potentially expose you to serious dangers with just a single wrong click. Therefore, I highly recommend utilizing legal movie streaming platforms or investing in a reliable VPN service.

A premium VPN service offers a secure and ad-free environment. Personally, I use NordVPN when browsing free movie websites. For more detailed information, you can refer to a review of NordVPN.

Here is how to setup a secure and ads-free environment.

To enhance your online security and browsing experience while streaming movies, I recommend following these steps:

  1. Start NordVPN: If you don't already have it, you can follow this link to get NordVPN. Once installed, launch the application. Go to settings: Within the NordVPN application, locate the settings section.
  2. Enable CyberSec feature: In the settings, find the CyberSec feature and activate it. This feature is designed to block spammy ads and pop-ups, providing a safer browsing environment.
  3. Consider using Brave Browser (optional): For an optimal streaming experience, you may choose to use the Brave Browser. While it is not necessary, it can enhance your browsing performance.
  4. Install an adblocker in your browser: It is advisable to install an adblocker extension in your preferred browser. You can find the official link for the adblocker extension to download and install it.
  5. By following these steps, you can enhance your online security, block intrusive advertisements, and enjoy a smoother streaming experience.

Now, I will provide you with a list of websites similar to 123movies where you can safely and securely watch movies and TV series. It is important to note that if any site requests you to disable your adblocker extension, I strongly advise you to leave that site and explore alternative options. 

Additionally, it is crucial to exercise caution and refrain from creating an account on free movie sites like 123movies unless you are certain of their legal status.

Top 123movies Alternatives

Top 123movies Alternatives That You Should Try

Here are some recommended websites for your safe and clean streaming experience.

  • Putlocker
  • Primewire
  • FMovies
  • WatchFree
  • Vumoo
  • Rainierland
  • OnlineHDMovies
  • TinklePad
  • NewMoviesOnline
  • LosMovies

The Best 7 Websites Like 123Movies

> Putlocker

Putlocker is a highly popular website that has attracted millions of users and enjoys a substantial amount of daily traffic. It operates similarly to 123movies and offers an extensive collection of content. One notable feature of Putlocker is its organization of movies and TV shows based on their release dates. This means that the platform is regularly updated by its community, ensuring that you can find nearly any movie or TV show you desire.

> Primewire

Primewire is a popular platform that has gained a large user base and established itself as a prominent indexing website. It offers one of the largest collections of content and is designed to provide a user-friendly experience. If you're seeking a well-known 123movies alternative, Primewire is highly recommended. The best part is that Primewire does not require any registration. Simply visit their website and start enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows online without any hassle.

> FMovies

FMovies is widely regarded as one of the most popular alternatives to 123movies. One of its key advantages is the absence of intrusive advertising, ensuring a seamless online experience. FMovies has strategically designed its layout to resemble that of 123movies, making it an ideal substitute.

 Additionally, FMovies offers a vast selection of HD-quality movies, further enhancing its appeal. If you were a fan of 123movies, opting for FMovies would be a great choice as it closely mirrors the features of its predecessor. While signing up for exclusive content is an option, it is not mandatory to enjoy the site's offerings.

> WatchFree

If you've ever attempted to watch movies online for free, it's highly likely that you've encountered WatchFree, a major competitor to 123movies. WatchFree offers a user-friendly interface with a convenient navigation bar, making it effortless to find the content you're seeking. 

Similar to other indexing sites, WatchFree is regularly updated with the latest movies and TV shows. Moreover, WatchFree boasts an extensive catalog of content and a wide range of categories to explore. It is evident that WatchFree prioritizes providing new and diverse content while prioritizing the user experience.

> Vumoo

If you're seeking the ultimate 123movies alternative, Vumoo is highly recommended, as it offers an exceptional visual experience. Vumoo showcases the latest movies and provides a wide array of categories to explore. The website boasts a captivating layout, meticulously designed to offer users a convenient and interactive movie streaming experience. 

Vumoo introduces its unique categories, such as "what is the most popular this week," allowing you to stay updated with trending content. Additionally, you have the option to create your own personalized playlist of movies on Vumoo. Similar to other alternatives, Vumoo does not require any registration or subscription, making it easily accessible for users to enjoy their favorite movies hassle-free.

> Rainierland

It's evident that Rainierland has drawn inspiration from Netflix, as seen in their movie and TV show Carousels. The site provides well-organized categories and prominently features a search bar at the top, allowing users to quickly find their desired content. Rainierland has gained significant traffic and has emerged as a highly popular platform for streaming free movies online.

> OnlineHDMovies

The indexing site in question lives up to its name by offering an extensive collection of HD content, ensuring that you can find virtually anything you're seeking. The site prominently showcases the latest movies and TV shows on its homepage, while also providing an advanced search feature to assist you in finding even the most elusive films. Whether you're in search of the latest releases or timeless classics, a simple search is all it takes to immediately start watching free movies online. While this site may differ from other alternatives to 123movies, it remains a popular choice worldwide for movie enthusiasts.

These are 7 Best Similar Sites Like 123movies That Work in 2023.

Why clone 123Movies websites are not working?

Mirror websites and proxy links for 123Movies frequently change, often on a weekly basis. As a result, you may encounter some difficulties when attempting to access content through these mirror sites. Please be aware that occasional glitches or disruptions may occur during your usage.

What Are the Latest (July 2023) 123Movies Alternative Domains?

Below you can find the most recent 123Movies alternative domains: 


Other working 123Movies Alternative Sites

You may also explore other functional websites similar to 123Movies. While the sites mentioned below may not be the most recent updates, they are still operational and functioning effectively.


What Are the Top Five 123Movies Legal Alternative Sites?

Premium services are often considered the ideal 123movies alternative. While they do require payment, they offer numerous advantages such as streaming high-quality content, HD movies, and exclusive titles. Here are the top five paid 123movies alternatives:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu 
  • Amazon Prime Video 
  • Tubi TV
  • CBS All Access (US)

When did 123Movies go Down?

Based on speculations, 123Movies was reportedly banned in March 2017 due to its practice of offering free links to copyrighted movies. This activity resulted in financial losses for the content owners, leading to the eventual shutdown of the website.

Is 123Movies Legal?

123Movies was operating within a legal gray area. However, due to concerns regarding copyright infringement, the site was shut down worldwide.

How to unblock 123Movies?

By using the following proxy/mirror websites you can unblock 123Movies: 


Is 123Movies streaming legal?

Streaming content is generally considered legal, but it's important to note that different countries have varying stances on the streaming of copyrighted content. Depending on your jurisdiction, you may encounter sites that are legally questionable in terms of copyright infringement. It's advisable to be aware of the laws and regulations regarding streaming in your specific region.

What content is available on 123Movies alternative sites?

All the recommended sites, similar to 123Movies, provide an extensive collection of links to HD movies, films, TV shows, and much more. These platforms offer a wide range of entertainment options for users to enjoy.

Is it necessary to use 123Movies VPN?

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) with free streaming sites is crucial as it ensures the concealment of your identity and maintains your anonymity online. A VPN also safeguards you from speed throttling and enables access to geo-restricted content. FastestVPN is highly recommended as a streaming VPN that not only secures your online traffic but also provides a seamless entertainment experience without buffering issues.

And that concludes our discussion about 123movies. If you found this post helpful, please give it a thumbs up by sharing it. As always, I'll be here to assist you. Until next time, take care and have a great day! #Peace out.


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